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Internet of Things4 months ago

The time of the game, when you eat the puppy and the publicity you see: technology already chooses what happens in the football stadium

Smart Homes4 months ago

Has the resurgence of the portable cassette arrived? Mystik is committed to modernizing the classic analog support with Bluetooth

Medicine And Health4 months ago

The next big risk of coronavirus is saturating the ICUs: time to decide if we are Philadelphia or we are St. Louis

Artificial Intelligence4 months ago

Halicin becomes the first antibiotic against superbugs that has been found thanks to artificial intelligence

Motor Bikes4 months ago

Brutal! A Suzuki Hayabusa with a speed record of 425 km / h is for sale for less than 35,000 euros

Smart Homes4 months ago

Air conditioning and household purifiers: this can help keep viruses and bacteria at home

Artificial Intelligence5 months ago

China already uses facial recognition to develop racial profiles and closely monitor the Aigur minority

Motor Bikes5 months ago

The most sincere Marc Márquez: “I worry zero to be at peace with Valentino Rossi”

Smart Homes6 months ago

Added LED lights in some areas of the floor without using cables or complex installations

Games6 months ago

Playdate is a nice portable console That reminds of the mythical Game Boy

Mobiles6 months ago

Realme 3 Pro: the mobile with Snapdragon 710 and large battery

Computers6 months ago

The new LG Gram (2019) of 14 and 17 inches arrive in Europe boasting its amazing featherweight

Artificial Intelligence6 months ago

The Ever app used millions of photos uploaded by its users to develop facial recognition tools

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